Good Media Social Tips

Good media social tips - Social media words that are familiar to us, in the present era of the development of social media that is so large has an impact on life, for that there is a need for ways to respond to social media wisely.

Good Social Media Tips
The benefits of social media can be very much in life, when using it wisely and correctly, it can also have a negative impact due to the misuse of social media or unwise social media attitudes. So how is the attitude of social media good?

Here are 5 Tips for Using Good Social Media.

1. Useful Content Posts
Most people post on social media only photos of him, things like this really do not have a ban, because it is the right of each person in sharing.

But what's wrong with occasionally sharing things that can be useful for others. not only can you help in real life you can also use social media to help other people with useful posts.

2. Avoid Conflicts in Social Media
Conflict or disagreement in opinion on social media, you should use good language when commenting or posting to social media so as not to offend others.

When disagreeing, don't make comments that can trigger the anger of the other party, it's better to ignore them than to debate them. sometimes even good posts, in the eyes of nitizen can be wrong. for that it is better to keep up with conflicts that occur in social media.

3. Don't be easily affected or easily believe
Information that is viral is not necessarily true, for this reason it is necessary to look closely and not to be easy to trust even though the source of information is from trusted news media. And don't immediately share news that is uncertain about the truth.

The spread of hoaxes or hoaxes will cause provocation to the offended party, so it is better to avoid sharing news or information that is not clear source or truth.

Share with people you know, because of the many incidents of fraud through social media, in preventing it from avoiding contacts or accounts of strangers who are not known, especially don't want to transfer money or be invited to meet.

4. Avoid using data or uploading privacy to social media
It is better to fill out form data on social media to avoid using our privacy data, the use of privacy data will be feared being misused by irresponsible people.

Posting Privacy as well as photo scan IDs or other important documents to social media things like this should be avoided.

5. Supervision of Parents in Using Children's Social Media
If you as a parent who has children who use social media is very important to supervise and direct it, so that nothing happens because the content on social media is sometimes not suitable for children or dangerous to see.

Direct and teach children that social media is a learning medium to find useful information. so as not to be misused. prohibiting children from using information media will make children clueless or stuttering technology. for that easy step for parents to direct and supervise children in the use of wise social media.

Hopefully Good Social Media Tips can be helpful and useful for those of you who read it, if there are questions or feedback about discussing tips on using social media wisely, please leave a comment below.

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