How to reduce Youtube notifications that enter email

Youtube is the largest and most popular video sharing site in the world. Many users from various countries access this site to watch videos, sometimes also as creator content.
How to Reduce Youtube Notifications that Enter Gmail


On Youtube there is a notification feature that makes it easy for users to get notifications such as video updates from channels that you subscribe to, copyright notifications and other notifications.

To overcome this, I will share a tutorial on how to reduce excessive notifications from Youtube.

Check out the steps as follows

1. Please login first with a Youtube account. If you proceed to the next step.

2. Next you click the Settings menu that is next to the lower left corner.
Tutorial on how to reduce youtube notification spam

3. On the Settings page, please select Notification, if you have never previously set this Notification feature, all notifications will go to your email. To set notifications that will be sent to an email, please select the option below (second).
how to set up youtube notifications

4. Then, click the checklist in the other notification column. Please choose according to your needs.
the tutorial set youtube notifications to gmail

5. If it's finished, please click again, then the settings are automatically saved. And notifications sent to your e-mail will be reduced according to the notification you selected.

So that's an easy way to reduce Youtube notifications sent to email, this way you won't get spam email notifications from Youtube. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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