How to Shorten a Link

In general, a link is very long and impossible to remember, so there is a service called Shorten URL or a service to shorten the URL.

Shorten URL service is not changing the original link from the link that will be shortened, but only redirecting from the short link to the actual link, so you don't need to worry about the link will change.

Anything, here it is ...

Who doesn't know, this URL shorten service is the most popular service at the moment.

This is not without reason, has the advantage of not only providing URL shorten services, but also various other functions such as:

  1.      History function or history;
  2.      Bar bookmarklet aside;
  3.      Analysis of the number of clicks; and
  4.      Developer tools to build traffic. also gives you the freedom to create links as you wish or custom links by adding the desired word or character as long as the link has not been used by others.

Additionally, abbreviated links will not be deleted by as long as you do not delete them.

2. TinyURL

 TinyURL is a pioneer of all URL shorten services currently available. With its simple appearance, for many years this URL shorten service was the first to be widely used by Twitter.

The following are some of the excellent features of TinyURL:

1. No need to create an account to use it
    Visit the address of, paste the link in the column "Enter a long URL to make tiny:" then just click "Make TinyURL!"

2. Adding Toolbars in the Browser
    Add the TinyURL toolbar in the browser so that shortening the links is easy just by dragging the link that will be shortened to the toolbar available in the Browser;

3. Hide affiliate links
    TinyURL can hide affiliate links and keep links safe from hijackers.

4. Make your own link
    Can make links as you wish or custom link by adding the desired word or character.

5. Free
    TinyURL service is free, but you can donate a little money with PayPal to provide support and feature improvements. is one of the large URL Shortener, although you may rarely hear it.

The advantages of this service, in addition to shortening the URL, you can also shorten the URL even allowing you to produce short permanent links for image files, also music videos. Simply put, there isn't a lot of customization needed.

The only disadvantage of this web is that you have to register first to use the service.


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