Why is the PUBG Zombie Mode Mobile Enthusiastic?

Maybe there are some of you who also enjoy the PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode game mode, surely not a few of you feel that this mode is useless to play, aka wasting time! Now here is the reason why PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode is now not selling well


Waste of time

The first reason is clear, a waste of time! Because one game or match Zombie Mode you can use to play classic to increase rank. This is a classic reason for PUBG Mobile players that we have asked through comments on the fanpage or in the PUBG Mobile players group.


The third reason is that there is no record or achievement that we can be proud of, if it is ranked clearly there is a leaderboard that tells who is the strongest player on each server. Or there is a record in our profile, what is the highest ranked we have achieved.

But for this zombie mode, there is no recorded rank and no achievements or medals. So if you win, you can't show off, like you get a chicken dinner when you play in ACE ranked and above.

No Rank Up

Now this is the most important of the five reasons why PUBG Mobile mode zombies are not very sellable, because EvoGround mode is a mode that is only intended for casual players who want to have fun.

Therefore there will be no record of how high your rank is in this mode, to show how good you are in this mode, because no one cares.

The trigger factor for someone wanting to do something is a factor in incentives or gifts that he might receive. Then if the gift is unpleasant and uninteresting how? Obviously he would be reluctant to do it.

Maybe that's the second reason why Zombie mode doesn't sell at PUBG Mobile, because the prizes offered are not at all attractive, on average only cosmetics with a duration of one or two days. Yes this continues from the first reason, waste time!

Opposition Too Easy

Because the nature of this mode is just for fun, it is also intended for casual players, so don't be surprised if the opponents you meet later, if you are not a bot, are people with skills that might not be your hero.

This is also one of the factors why zombie mode is rarely interested, but how do you think about it yourself?

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