Easy Ways to Delete Data on Google Automatically

Google recently made a new feature, which is an automatic data delete feature. With this feature, users can delete it automatically such as location history, web activities, and user applications according to a specified time period. Previously this feature already exists, but you can only do it manually.

To make it easier for users so they do not repeatedly delete manually, Google finally gives an option to be able to delete data automatically. This is done by Google after getting a lot of input from users to provide automatic data deletion features to maintain and protect the privacy of its users.

If you frequently delete Google data manually, now you have to switch to automatic options to save time, simple and don't need to be difficult to go back and forth manually.

By using this feature, your data will be automatically deleted according to the duration of time you have specified. How to? Check out the steps below


1. First enter first into your Google account.

2. If you have successfully logged in, please select the data menu and personalization in the upper left.

3. Then select web activities and applications in activity control.

4. Then you choose manage activities.

5. After that, select the Select option to Delete Automatically.

6. Please select the duration of time according to what you want, then select the next, select confirmation, then click OK.

7. Done, you managed to delete the data settings automatically.

Although Google has provided a data delete feature automatically, but the manual feature is not removed. You can also choose the pause option. By using these features, the location history, web activities, and user applications will not be stored on Google.
To activate the pause feature, you only need to enter personalization data, select web activities and applications, slide the option next to the pause menu.

So that's a tutorial on how to easily delete Google data automatically, in this way you don't have to go back and forth to delete it manually and your privacy will be more awake.

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