Easy Ways to Lock / Encrypt Document Files on Android

If at first, office workers only work in front of the screen and laptop to work on important documents. After the presence of an Android smartphone, besides being simple and lightweight, office workers can now open and work on important documents wherever they are. Making or locking a document file itself is similar to what is available on computers and laptops.

Some of you may already know how to lock or encrypt document files in the Office Word application on a computer or laptop. Whether it's Word, Power Point for presentations or Excel. But maybe some of you don't know that this feature can also be used in an Android application whose function is to keep other people's secret files.

Because of this this tutorial is very useful for you office workers and writers. Of course, this application is installed on your smartphone. But here the author uses the WPS Office application. And for the steps, follow these steps:

1. Open the WPS Office application and click Open File to search for document files such as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel to lock.

2. After that, look for the document file that will be locked / encrypted and open.

3. To search for key options, you click the menu icon in the lower left corner, move to the file, then scroll down and look for the document encryption option.

4. Then enter the same password in the password column and the confirmation column. Then click OK. If you have several, don't forget to click on the floppy disk icon to save and complete. To try it, you can open the file and enter the password that you specified.

At this stage it's finished. But to restore, modify or delete keys / encryption, you can do it like the previous step.

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