Easy Ways to Make a Calendar in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a numerical processing application, tables, graphs with spreadsheet-based worksheets created and developed by Microsoft Corporation that can be used on Android, Windows OS and Mac OS platforms. By using the Microsoft Excel application, you can process data automatically, starting from calculations, functions, formulas, processing numbers and tables, graphs and more.   Microsoft Excel has features that are rarely known by many people, because most people only use Ms. Excel to process financial and other data. However, you need to know that Ms. applications Excel can be used to make simple works, such as calendars, broaches, labels and more. Also Read Easy Ways to Check the Official or Illegal IMEI of All Complete HP Types! Easy Ways to Delete Data on Google Automatically How to Move a Banned ML Account Without Downloading Data Reset Work! By using Ms. Excel, you can make a calendar in just a few steps. You can also add special dates to the calendar you make, such as holidays, birthdays, and more. The calendar that you will create automatically will be in accordance with the actual calendar. You don't need to worry because the date is definitely correct because it is automatically set by Ms. Excel. For more details, here is a tutorial on how to make a calendar on Ms. Excel   Step: 1. Open the Ms. application Excel, then create a new worksheet (Ctrl + N). 2. Then you open the file menu -> new -> then you type the calendar in the search column (make sure you are connected to the internet). 3. After that, please select the calendar template provided by Ms. Excel. 4. If you have, you select create and wait until the download process is complete. 5. If the download process is complete, please change the calendar month with the month name in English. 7. Then the date will automatically change according to the month you entered. Finished. Note: The calendar that you created at Ms. Excel will automatically enter the national holidays available on the Microsoft website. If there is no holiday or special day, you can add it manually according to the date. That's how to make a calendar in Microsoft Excel, isn't it? May be useful !

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