Easy Ways to Make a New Location on Google Maps Android

The development of technology in the present time really helps you to do daily activities. One of them is when you want to find a place or location that you want to go to.

In the past, before technology developed, when you searched for someone's address that you had never visited, surely you needed a piece of paper to write down the address of that person and ask someone else to make sure that the location you were going to was according to what you wrote on paper.

However, now it's very different. If you have an Android smartphone, you can simply open the installed Google Maps application. You only need to write the address you want in the Google Maps search column, then there will be road instructions that are visible in the application.

Besides being useful for finding addresses. The Google Maps application allows users to add new addresses or locations. Suppose you have a cafe business or other business, you can add the address of your cafe location, so that your cafe is easier to find and can be known to many people.

Then how do you add an address or location on Google Maps? If you don't know, please refer to the following tutorial


1. Open the Google Maps application on your mobile.

2. Then select the three lines that are in the upper right corner, then select add place.

3. After that, please fill in the requested data completely and correctly.

4. To add a location or address on the map, please select the map location update. Then slide the red pin to the appropriate position, then select OK.

5. You can also add phone numbers / cell phone numbers, opening hours - closing hours, websites, to photos of your place of business. But this is only optional, then select send.

6. Open the Gmail account that you use in the Google Maps application. If the location you made is approved, you will get an email from Google.

7. Finish! You have successfully added a new location on Google Maps.

So that's how easy it is to add a location or address on Google Maps. In this way, hopefully you can easily add new locations on Google Maps.

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