How to Easily Change Twitter Username on Android

Who doesn't know Twitter, the social media created by Jack Dorsey in 2006, means that this Twitter is 13 years old. Because it has long been established, of course there are many users on Twitter that have reached hundreds of millions of users. There are even reports that say more than 126 million active users every day during 2018.

How to easily change your Twitter username on Android

When compared with other social media such as Facebook, Instagram and others. Twitter, including social media, has very little user growth, because Twitter rarely makes new features that can attract many users. But this is a Twitter strategy, because they once said that they are more concerned with long-term stability than the growth of the number of users.

How to sprout a Twitter username
If you often use Twitter, it is certainly no stranger to the term username, many users have unique and different usernames. Even better if the username is easy to remember and easy to say.

If your Twitter username is difficult to say or may be difficult to remember, then you can change it via your smartphone, then how? Check out the following tutorial

1. Open the Twitter application that is already installed on your cellphone.

2. Then select the profile photo in the upper left, after that select settings and privacy.

3. Then select the account, then select the user.

4. After that, please change the username according to what you want, then select the complete button.

5. You have successfully changed your Twitter username, the results are as shown below.

Creating a username according to the name might be complicated, because sometimes the username you want is already used by other users. If you experience this then the solution is to create a username according to the account name even though you have to add an underscore number so that the username is easily memorized and unique.

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