How to Save PowerPoint or PPT Files to Video

PowerPoint is an application that is often used by students, students or office workers as an application to create presentation files that are useful for presenting work results, learning outcomes, research results and so on. microsoft power point

Microsoft Power Point includes applications or software that are very popular compared to other presentation processing applications.   Besides being easy to use, Microsoft Power Point also has features that are complete and easy to understand. Some features that are often used in Microsoft PowerPoint include transition effects, design, animation, entering objects and so on. In addition, Microsoft Power Point also provides a feature to convert PowerPoint files (PPT) into PDF, Video and other file formats. In this article Babang will provide a tutorial on how to convert PPT files into Video files. Note: This method can only be used for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or above

How to Save PowerPoint or PPT Files to Video   How to convert PowerPoint files into videos is quite simple and easy, you only need to follow the steps below 1. Search then open the PPT file that you want to change into a Video file. video powerpoint method 2. Don't forget to give the transformers to make a difference when the video moves to the next slide. video powerpoint method 3. You can also enter animations (animations) in the text on each slide. video powerpoint method 4. After you have finished editing, please click on the file menu in the upper left corner. video powerpoint method 5. Then some menus will appear, please click Export after that click Create a Video. Later you will see the settings for file resolution and switching times for each slide. Please set it according to your wishes then click Create Video. video powerpoint method 6. After that, please save the video file in the folder you want. video powerpoint method 7. After that, please wait until the file has finished exporting. The export time needed depends on the number of slides you made in the PowerPoint (PPT) file. video powerpoint method 8. Done, your PPT file can be played with the video format. video powerpoint method The final word So that's how to convert PPT files into video files, so you can play them with the video player application. Hopefully this article is useful

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