Pes Heading Tutorial

Gamers challenge for headers in all components of the sphere, and on severa activities in a single sport. getting to know heading abilties will provide you with a bonus in preserving possession of the ball. This brief educational covers the following aspects of heading.

  1. Key Heading competencies
  2. basics of Haeading
  3. prevailing defensive Headers
  4. triumphing Attacking Header

1. KEY HEADING skills

proper headers of the ball own high scores in these abilties.
Header – The player can direct his header to the supposed course.
power within the Air – The participant has the physical electricity to compete for headers.

jump – The participant can bounce high into the air to win the header.

Tall and bulky – those aren't competencies, but physical attributes. Tall (above 180cm) and muscular gamers benefit a physical gain in aerial battles.
during nook kicks and crosses, purpose the ball at these players to increase your probabilities to prevailing headers.

2. fundamentals OF HEADING

This segment highlights the fundamentals to prevailing headers in the game.

2.1 role OF YOUR participant

the location of your player is the important thing to prevailing all forms of headers. As lots as feasible, position your player in the front of your opponent, between the opponent and the route the ball is coming from. This will increase the likelihood that you may win the header.


As with maximum other PES features, timing is fundamental. Press pass or Shoot after the ball has reached the height of its height, and is on its way down. if you press the buttons too early, your participant will make an early leap and pass over the ball. If the buttons are pressed too late, your player will not make a jump, and your opponent will win the ball.

The timing and positioning of your participant does no longer virtually count number if there aren't any warring parties around you. but whilst you are surrounded by means of players, those end up essential.

As a preferred rule of thumb, begin charging up your header at the factor wherein the ball reaches its height peak. because the ball is on its way down and coming near your player, launch the shoot / skip button.

let’s now take a closer examine each protective and attacking headers.

3. protecting HEADERS

To win the ball in defence and midfield, position your participant in the front of the opponent, staying between him and the path the ball in which is coming from. preferably, get into this role earlier than the move is performed, to stand a better danger of prevailing the header.

At times in midfield, we may also lose out on the location warfare. In those situations, my advice might be to lower back away altogether, using the first rate Cancel alternative [Hold R1 & R2 (PS3) / RB & RT (XBOX) + Left Analog Stick] to move your player away and not undertaking for the header.

that is a better option as our player would require a few seconds of healing time if he loses an aerial twin, which prevents him from carrying out his protective obligations. by way of no longer hard for the aerial ball, we keep complete manipulate of the participant, and may work toward intercepting a skip or installing a address.


The above technique is more appropriate for protective headers, where we clearly try and clear the ball away. it is slightly extraordinary for attacking headers, when our strikers project for high balls despatched into the box. 
ideally, high balls into the box are sent into space for the striker to run in the direction of. The momentum from strolling towards the ball may be transferred on your shot, leading to a strong header or volley. therefore, as highlighted inside the crossing educational, play crosses into space in the front of your striker, and manipulate your striker to run toward and assault the aerial ball.

5. conclusion

The massive amount of aerial balls in a recreation makes sturdy heading talents a should. through know-how the methods to win each attacking and defensive headers, you'll be in a better position to govern the suit.

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